Friday, December 19, 2008

8th Wonder of the Fast Food World

Google has failed me.

I cannot find any proof of this one, incredible culinary innovation that rocked my world.

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No joke.

One evening, my friend and I passed by a McDonalds and did a double take. "Does it say Potato Dippers!? And Tangy Tomato Sauce?" By George, it did.

Now, like 75% of the US population, I am a huge french fry fan. They're crispy, salty, and taste great with ketchup. I loved them for who they are.....but I had no idea there were bigger and better things out there.

Namely Potato Dippers.

It had never occurred to me that such a simple but incredible meal staple could be any way improved on. But McDonald's had taken it to the next level. They engineered a french fry that was perfectly ergonomically compatible with the [Tangy Tomato] sauce that it complimented so well.

Seriously, guys, this was awesome. Instead of the stick-like french fries, the potatoes were hollowed out so that they were a trough meant for dipping.

Unfortunately, the only proof I have is this one picture I took in haste before I started eating.

But imagine the cross section of the french fry is something more like:


BUT the next time I went to the same McDonalds (Two weeks later. Tops.), I was told that the promotion was over. Worse, I have not been able to find any other evidence that these existed. I don't understand why something so wonderful would exist for such a short time.

The moral of the story is twofold.

Just because something has been around for a long time doesn't mean that it can't be improved upon.

And also, get it while it lasts.

Image from Trendhunter.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If you give a college student....

If you give a college student the internet during finals week, they're going to want to check their e-mail.

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If they check their e-mail, they might find a notification from Facebook.

They're going to want to see what the notification is, so they're going to sign onto Facebook.

Once they go onto Facebook, they're going to respond to the notification.

And if they want to gossip about the notification, they're going to have to sign on to AIM.

If they're signed onto AIM, they might as well listen to their iTunes.

After they've been on AIM for a while, they're going to start to wonder if they've gotten any more e-mails....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Live East, Die Young

I went to the opening of POW (Pictures on Walls) this weekend in Shoreditch and discovered two new artists to fall in love with.

The POW festival was a great communal effort to launch a street art gallery/ store.

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Of course, there was a Banksy exhibition there.

The entire road was closed down and full of little modifications (in addition to big additions). the two artists! Btoy and Simon Munnery.

By the time I got there on the second day of the exhibition, everything from Btoy's collection had been sold.

Simon Munnery wrote pamphlets titled "How to Live." I loved the short, witty collection so I bought it (plus it had an excellent list of security guard jokes). Here are some quotes:
What do you get for the man who has everything?
Might I suggest a gravestone inscribed with the words: so what?

All men are brothers.
Hence war.
and finally...
You can't fool all the people all the time. But you can try. It's called advertising.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Overactive Imagination

You know that teased hair look that's trendy right now?

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That one. Yeah, I always thought it makes your head look like Gossamer from Looney Tunes.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's True....

Germans really ARE obsessed. Found this delight in Berlin:

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